Follower Count Working Backwards for months

  • 19 April 2019
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What more needs to be said at this point? Please recalculate my follower count as it is working backwards. A problem that has affected users for around 4 years now.

Please recalculate my followers. Thank you

1 reply

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Hey there Louie,

I've triggered for the followers to be recalculated 😕 Also just created another collective topic for this, which I'll be tracking regularly to provide numbers to our engineering team to help with task prioritisation.

(I don't want to close this topic for replies in case @Louie Showers wants to reply, however if someone else comes across this topic and has a similar issue, please do not reply here and ask for the follower count to be recalculated, but reply on the topic I've linked above. Thank you.)