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Hello everyone,

We continue to receive reports from some of our users saying their follower counts do not seem to update. For each of your reports, we're making sure that your followers do properly register on our backend.

However, there is a bug causing for the actual counter to not update properly sometimes. Our engineers are looking into solving this over time, however the issue turns out to be much more complex to fix then initially sorted.

We acknowledge that this issue has been present for quite some time, and we understand how frustration this is, however we want to reassure you that this is something our data team is committed to improve in the future and continues to investigate.

If your follower count seems to be stuck, please let us know here.

Fix my following number count please. It should say zero, because i’m following no one. Please, and thank you. Account Link:
It's been a year till i want mine to be fixed, can you update it, please it show 7 when i have 6, thx !
I have unfollowed everyone but it still says I follow 19 people please help make it say I follow 0 ...
my account says its following 1 person and im not, its really annoying and irking my nerves please help me thank you soundcloud
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Everyone who has reported wrong follower counts on their account: I've now triggered for your counts to be recalculated. This should show on your profile within 24 hours.

I am closing this topic for further comments to keep communication in one player moving forward.

If you are experiencing this bug and come across this topic: There is a new collective topic available here. Just report and we'll get to it as soon as possible.