Follower/Following Counts Won't Update

My follower/following counts are wrong and won't update.
Could you please update these?

Thank you.

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@Mathis could you please help with this? I know you've helped to resolve similar issues in the past.

Thank you.
Any help with this please?

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Hi @Emperor Kush

Sorry about this nasty glitch. Should be sorted within the next 24 hours.
Hi @Mathis

This still hasn't updated. Any help please?
@Mathis any update on this?
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Hi again.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the issue with the follower count not updating properly seems to hail from a root cause on your account which is unique to your account. In most other cases, someone from the Support team can help users reaching out with this issue, however in your case, I had to forward this to our engineers for a closer look. 😕 I don't have an ETA when this can be addressed unfortunately, but I will keep an eye on the issue and on your profile.
The issue has been resolved.

Thank you!
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Hey hey,

I was just going to reach out to you to let you know about this - yes! It looks like something was stuck in the database for your account. Glad our engineers were able to help with this edge case.