Follower, Likes, & Tracks Count is Incorrect

My "following", "likes", and "tracks" count are incorrect and am looking for these numbers to be updated. For example, it says I follow 4 accounts but I only follow 3 accounts.

My Tracks has a Copyrighted song from 4 years ago and would love to have the removed off of my account as i cannot do that myself.

Could i please get this corrected @Mathis

my URL is

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still seeking help... @Mathis
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Hi there,

You following should be fine within 24hrs from now. Your tracks are showing properly already - you will see 1 track when you're logged in due to one of your uploads being blocked due to copyrights. Not to worry though, other users visiting your profile won't see this, they will see the number of your public tracks only. The likes, I'm afraid, cannot be triggered to be recalculated manually. This issue is caused by a caching delay on our end, which is yet to be addressed by our engineers - sorry.

All the best
Hi mathis would you able to fix my follower count as well? It shows 9 when I only have 5 people following me
@Mathis this has also happened to me.

  • i am following 1 person (it says im following 3)
  • I have only liked 1 song (it says i have liked 8 songs)
my soundcloud link is: