Followers count stuck / Not going up??!!

  • 26 November 2015
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Read It will most likely clear up your concerns. They are working on it.
This is absolute rubbish Gina, stop copying and pasting that answer each time please.

I have hundreds of people who follow me regularly, and i KNOW not many people unfollow me, so please don't say that.

Just admit that soundcloud has messed up. Again.

Same Here!, Soundcloud needs to admit the website is broken, AND FIX THIER SH*T
Same problem. Please fix this this is stupid.... please.

To clarify, the notification that is on the site right now:

is NOT related to the conversation going on here.

1. We started migrating a part of our infrastructure that holds Follower data from one server to another server. This is why Followers data activity was held during the database move.

2. This migration DOES NOT solve the issue of perceived loss of Followers or Follower count stuck conversations that have been ongoing on the forum for some time.

@LouieShowers, I hope you don't mind me picking on your profile. I had a look at your Followers and on the first page I saw a pattern that may not be so obvious at first glance but have a look for yourself:

Do you see that all of these followers have almost the same Stream, images, reposts etc. These are fake accounts. These eventually will get detected by our Trust and Safety team and when they do you will lose these followers and your count will decrease further. We do not notify you when this happens so at any moment you can just see a lower number than what you thought you had. This will appear especially puzzling if you have received new followers in the meantime and your count is still lower. This is precisely the confusion that many of our users have around Followers. Does this make sense?

You may ask yourself, why don't we just get rid of all of them? Spam accounts is a serious issue on many platforms. These accounts are created the same exact way you created your own account: with an email, an image etc. There is nothing that indicates the account is fake until activity progresses on the accounts. Normally, I would remove the above mentioned profiles once I spot them but I have not reported them yet for the sake of this thread, so that you can have a visual example of what we see and what causes this problem.

Also, chances are that the spammers behind these fake accounts may see this public post and start changing the images so that they again can evade detection.

There is not a single reason that makes sense on why we would do this on purpose or ignore the problem. That would be the same as Youtube taking away views, Facebook taking away your friends or McDonalds taking away the burger on your bun. It would only hurt our business.

Until we can come up with the technology to combat these fake accounts (imagine a robot vs robot all out war here) we are one step behind and deleting these accounts only after detection.

I sincerely hope you believe that I am not bullsh**ing you all and that I am explaining this clearly enough for everyone here to understand.

I'll check back on this thread a few times today so if you see this and have follow up questions about what I just explained than I'll try my best to answer.


This was stated a few days ago on the site:

'February 16th 11:20 CET/ 02:20 PST
This part of the maintenance is now complete and followers should now be saved correctly on you profile. However, Follower counts will remain frozen for now. More info coming soon.'

I really hope more information is coming soon, including a message that the frozen counts-problem has been solved as this is a serious issue that does no good for all the involved artist/musicians.

Read It will most likely clear up your concerns. They are working on it.
Please fix this stupid thing...