FOLLOWERS COUNTER STAYS INACCURATE - I count 10 accounts following me in total. But the number on the tally states "7"

  • 25 February 2018
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(this topic is not about being followed / unfollowed because the same exact accounts have been following me for weeks)

when i click on "followers" i physically count 10 accounts. But the number on the tally states "7" followers
the number stated on the tally is inaccurate.

the number of tracks that i liked is inaccurate too. I've only liked 1 track in total but the tally states "2" liked tracks.

please fix this 🙂

8 replies

UPDATE: the number of followers has been fixed. but the number of tracks that i've liked is still inaccurate.
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Hi there cloud regal,

I was able to sort out the number of followers from my end, however cannot do the same for likes at this point I'm afraid. 😕 I've sent a report about this to our engineers, however cannot say when this can be addressed. The caching delay that's causing this should update at some point automatically.

Thanks & all the best
Hello, we've had this problem as well. We recently got some followers, it went from 203 to 211 in a couple of days. Now all of a sudden it's 205. Seems unlikely that 6 persons unfollows at the same time, so it seems as if follows from the latest days haven't registered. Also I noticed that some accounts that I myself followed the last couple of days now have 0 followers (know they had hundreds before), even though it says I'm actually following them, with the button being orange lit. If I unclick and click again, it now says they have 1 followers.

Maybe this is a common problem and it sorts itself out after a while, but might be worth looking into. Would be a bummer if we lost followers during a period where they don't register. Especially since we usually gain 20-30 everytime we do a new release.

All the best!
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Hi Moloton,

I've triggered for the followers to be recalculated from our backend. This should now show properly. You're currently at 207 followers.

The follower count has been discussed at length - a lot of confusion lies in the fact that a) unfortunately, we're continuously fighting a lot of spam & fake accounts that randomly follow accounts on SoundCloud. Once these are suspended by our Trust & Safety systems, they are removed from other - legitimate - users' profiles. b) the system sends notifications for new followers, however doesn't notify about users (including spam accounts) no longer following a user. This sometimes causes for the numbers to look off.

All the best
Hi Mathis.
I had the problem with the followers account too, from 3 months until now, but is a little different.
Each time my followers counter is over 555 followers, the next day it turn down to 548.
I think MAYBE its because i have a free account so I want to try Pro unlimited,
BUT if this problem is still unsolved I think I wont upgrade.
Thanks a lot.

I'm having a similar issue. I unfollowed every account to start fresh but my following indicates "6" when there isn't any account I'm following. Please help!

Thank you!
Hello, I have a Pro Unlimited account and I am having the same issues with the inaccurate number of followers being reported. It seems that this is not just a SPAM issue. Could in be a programming bug? Is SoundCloud statistics accurate??
Hello mathis would you be able to reset my followers from 8 to 4? I've been having the same issue 🙂