Followers dropping off and follow count goes back to the same #

  • 24 December 2014
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This never really bothered me but been curious to why it happens.
I see my notifications that I'm getting new followers and my follower count goes up, then after a week or so my follower count drops back to 1280.
Why is this happening?

9 replies

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Hi Raid Zero,

Thanks for visiting the help forums.

There are a few reasons that may explain what is happening here.

Some of it may be down to fake accounts, set up purely to spam or other nefarious reasons & as these are picked up on they are removed. Some may naturally be down to people just deciding not to use soundcloud anymore & delete their accounts of their own accord or users just choosing to un-follow you for whatever reason. I have also seen mention on here of an apparent trend in some users following someone in the hope that they will then be followed back & then remove their "follow" when that does not happen - not quite sure what that achieves personally, I guess some people set great store in having a huge amount of followers, its like friending everyone in sight on facebook just so you can appear to have masses of friends..odd, but each to their own I guess.

What I would find odd is if this 1280 figure is always the base level as the above possibilities don't run to any set figures & I would imagine vary wildly in their amounts from day to day. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to check any facts like that myself, Im a user of soundcloud myself, not employed by them so I don't have all the back end systems & departments at my disposal. I don't know if this will help but I will follow you myself as well, tip it over that 1280 figure and I'll follow this forum query as well. I don't know whether that will provide any diagnostics or not but it cant hurt to try.

With it being Christmas the main Soundcloud guys are working on rather limited hours, but they will be coming on here and there during the festive period. If there is anything more untoward I'm sure Mathis or Gina will step in and advise or add to the more general information I've been able to fire at you.

Hope that at least gives a little clarity for you :)


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Hi Raid Zero,

djraveinpeace explained it pretty accurate actually. I've done the same thing as him and followed you from my test account (mathisc) to make sure the new follow sticks.

If it doesn't, make sure to let us know here and we'll investigate further. The situation with the fake accounts is quite unfortunate, we're as concerned as you are about such behavior on SoundCloud, and our Trust & Safety team is constantly working on improvements to detect fake accounts at an early stage (it is tough, though!).

Hope this helps to clarify the issue a bit further.

I'm having the same issue.
I've been swimming between 2450 and 2424 the entire past year when I am seeing +1-2 new Followers DAILY. Real followers too, not the obvious fake accounts (example: user9112830 with 1 follower).
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I've been a pro user for soundcloud since it's inception and have been gathering followers without any issues up until this past year of late 2013 to present (2015).
The entire year, I've seen plenty of new followers on my notification stream (we're talking +1-2 DAILY) and my number has simply dwindled between 2450 and 2424.

I am annoyed at the service I've been getting recently. I understand the removal of fake accounts, but these seem to be legitimate accounts (profile pictures, follower counts of their own, tracks of their own.)

This community was built to connect artists to artists directly - but with recent oversaturation, I feel like Soundcloud is now only catering towards the ones who've "made it", or the ones who were already "legends" and wanted a soundcloud page for themselves. You can see it when soundcloud only invites "mainstream" artists to test out the New Profile BETA while the rest of us who've only established ourselves mediocre-like are getting the blunt end of support, and long-time PRO paying customers are just being treated like whatever.

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Thank you for posting. I can understand your frustration over the followers seemingly not increasing any further. I've just started following you from my SoundCloud test account (mathisc) to make sure new followers stick to your account.

Here's a thing though - some users are trying to use some of our feature purely for their own advantage to get more followers themselves, which is something we do not support. The follow other users to soon unfollow them, hoping to be followed back in the meantime. This might be affecting your followers count as well. There are limits in place to address community complaints about accounts overusing, or using features in a way other than as they were intended. We hope you can appreciate why we felt it necessary to put these limits in place.

Now, I'll try to shed further light on the visual beta features as well - these were indeed only applied to previously selected accounts - a closed beta program if you will - however never with the intention to treat some users superior then others. The program is closed for any further accounts to be added at this point, however rest assured that our product teams are working on plans to bring these features out of beta.

I hope this helps to shed some light on a few things.

Glad i'm not the only one with this issue.
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So I've noticed that in 1 or 2 minutes I lost 11 followers
I don't thnik that 11 users at the time thought like " hey ! this guy sucks, I don't wanna follow him anymore "
Maybe that's some kind of glitch or problem ... or even bad luck
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Hi All,

I have experienced all of the above problems and have noticed there are shit loads of threads about this same issue. I get a few legit followers, every other day but the follower count goes down?.

Sort it out
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Guess what,
I've just had four new legit followers and the counter has only gone up by one.


Definitely not signing up for the subscription again, but I don't suppose you give a fuck about that.....only your mainstream artists eh!