Help! someone is buying me plays and followers and likes against my will! is there any way to stop, fix, reverse the damage that was done?

  • 5 April 2016
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I love SoundCloud, and I love to play by the rules that means no trolling, no bullying, and NO FAKE STATS! And I have built a reputation of being an honest SC user but a couple of days ago strange stuff began to happen. Randomly, a little announcement I had on sc went from 400 to 10400 plays and I got 50+ fake followers and a bunch of fake likes and reposts. So I spent the hour or so to block then all, and delete the other thing. But the fake followers wouldn't stop, and my newest song went from 6000 ish plays to 16000 plays, because I am an artist of high integrity, or at least try to be, I am considering taking down that track, or maybe if this attack doesn't stop, my whole SoundCloud page. Is there any way to:

A) Reverse the damage that has been done and fix my stats?

😎 Protect it in the future? Maybe hide my account for a while?

thank you very much for your time <3

here is my account

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Hi The Loyalist,

Sorry to hear you've been hit by that type of fake activity. Please reach out to our Trust & Safety team directly about this for the most efficient assistance with this.

Please make sure to include the following details:
  • Date you noticed this unusual increase in activity
  • An example of one of the accounts you suspect to be fake
We will use this information to review your account, and with the help of our Trust and Safety Team, remove any fake accounts that we find. Please bear in mind this review may take some time to complete.

All the best