how can I change my timezone

  • 10 July 2015
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Hi Soundcloud,

I live in Viet Nam, so I want to know whether the time or day is viewed by timezone in Viet Nam or not.
If not, how can I change to my time zone?
Thank you so much

6 replies

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Hi Kieu My,

Thanks for visiting the help forums :)

Soundcloud is set to the GMT time zone and this applies across the board. Unfortunately there is not way to set your account to a different time zone. I imagine this is probably something to do with the collection & display of statistical data, although that is an educated guess on my part.


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how do you change your time zone? pack up everything you own and move to a new time zone.... only joking =]

though i will say it would be nice to be able to set your time zone in the user preferences. all the back end data can stay the same, just display to the user on the website in their zone. its just a bit of very simple maths 🙂
Definitely need the ability to change timezone. I'm in PST, and it's very confusing to view the charts and stats in GMT time.
Very much agreed. This is not rocket science database management. You STORE all the stats in GMT, because that's a smart thing to do. You DISPLAY the stats in whatever timezone your user's preference says to do so. Like DopeLabs said, it's simple plus-or-minus math.

Microsoft Outlook's Calendar, for instance, manages meeting invitations between users based on each user's time zone. If I check someone's free-time, I see their availability based on MY time zone. When I send the invite, they see the timeframe based on THEIR time zone. This is how a user-friendly program should work.
Me too, I am in Costa Rica and working in Switzerland, it is always a pain to compute the time difference.
  • Yes, yes, yes! I put my vote in to be able to let the users change the time zone they are in to get set to their local time. With as many people who are chiming in about this I feel it will be kind of hard for SoundCloud to avoid this!

It will be a BIG mistake and very unfortunate if they don't!