How can I tell for sure if my song activity (likes,plays,reposts) are real?

  • 8 February 2018
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I am a young artist from Alabama who normally gets around 100-200 plays on each song. Around a week ago, I put out a song with my friend that seemed to gain a lot of popularity around my city. I logged out of Soundcloud a few days after the track was posted. But yesterday my friend called me to log in and look at all the activity our song had been receiving. The song is now at almost 50k plays with 200 something likes and reposts.
Please help,

2 replies

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Thats awesome that your track is so popular but there has been quite a few problems with fake accounts and bots. To make sure that most of your likes, followers, etc are real, is to see who's following and liking your content and look at their profile. If they are legit, they usually have a decent amount of activity and a regular bio. Usually you can tell if the person is fake or a bot or fraud. If you do end up finding people like that, block them from your content and if it keeps occurring, report them. Hope this helps a bit.
Hey Nosebleed,

Firstly, congratulations on your recent success!

I would agree with Semicold regarding the methods for checking whether this activity is real or not. One explanation for the increase in activity could be that you were featured in a playlist or that the algorithm selected to feature your song as a similar track to a famous release. In either case, it's great news!

To capitalise on this increased exposure, consider following some of your new listeners and engaging with their uploads.