How do I know who is following me back now? New changes to Soundcloud site?

  • 10 December 2015
  • 1 reply

About a few weeks ago I could see the artists that I was following who were following me back by clicking on my 'followers'. It would list the artists that I was following and were following me back at the beginning then it would show the latest people to follow me. Now when I check my followers it doesn't show who has followed me back, only just the recent people who followed me. Why is this? Is this a temporary thing or an actual active design decision by soundcloud? If so, it really sucks.

1 reply

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Yeah that is really bad, also if you are checking out someones profile, you cannot see who is following that person from the people who you follow..It was great before, it gave me more reason to check out someone's tracks when I seen that someone who I follow is following them.. I hope Mods fix's a big issue in my opinion..