How to gain more followers/likes on soundcloud?

  • 12 November 2016
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Hello! I am an amateur cover artist and I haven't been that active in soundcloud. But now, I'm planning to be more active and post more covers. I really need help on how to get more followers or likes on my tracks. Thanks to those who will reply!

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3 replies

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Hi there,

Looks like no one has had the chance to get back to you here. There's an article on the topic on our Help Center. You can find it here. 🙂
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How to gain more followers on Instagram?:(:( it was a problem to me for a long time. I'd read a lot of blogs and forums about promotion on social media, used hashtags in every posts. Then I found a list of promotions, and checked one by one. There were a good promotions such like and and . Unfortunately two of aforcited was closed, so I’m using instanobel now. Good service