How to get rid of fake plays?

  • 4 February 2019
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A year ago I created this account to get some feedback for my tracks.

Posted a track as usual, pretty bad tbh, but suddenly I got 4 plays and 4 likes for some very strange reasons. I went to the pages of each account.
Each of them was some sort of "music promotion service", so I blocked all of them.

The same day a strange bot followed me and reposted the same, damn track.
1h later the shit got 250+ plays. Which is hilarious, because, no comments, no likes, no followers.

Guess where there all are coming from? Same damn location where this repost bot comes from, Indonesia. I'm not against indonesian listeners, but this shit is more than suspicious.

Normally I always get these annoying likes and plays from bots, but its quite avoidable (just block and report as spam), but the other shit is damn annoying and not reverseable.

Now back to my question. How do I get rid of fake plays, without deleting my track?

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