How to qualify for monetization ?

I read all of the FAQ and the section in the creator help about Premier Monetization. I see that you need to be invited into Premier Monetization, but I'm wondering what are they looking for? The amount of followers you have or plays? What is a goal I should have to be invited into Premier Monetization?


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someone told me all the songs have to be original. no covers either. before we qualify for money.....
Kindly I want someone to manage my monitize settings I need a account manager for my soundcloud to manage my monitize settings I don't know anything about metada information and don't have these information to give I need someone to help or guide me about it
Over 5,000 in the last 24 hours and I'm "Not Eligible".
soundcloud be slippin tf up huh?...
lmao. i get 500-600K plays each month. and im still unsure if i'm earning money or not. it says it's monetizing but i didn't receive an email after 2 days saying, "wait til 45 days"..?😬
I dont understand!! I have 40k in 2 months. why cant i get paid for my plays?. WHY PROMOTE TO ARTIST THAT "IF WE PAY IN TO THE ACCOUNT WE CAN GET PAID", THEN NOT LET US GET PAID FOR CLICKS....
This is ridiculous I have 11.5k in 24 hours and absolutely nothing! SoundCloud what is you doing? it literally says on the Premier monetization page that our day may have come to be paid and they are not caring at all about this. SoundCloud please listen and fix your issues with this because I work my ass off and deserve to be paid for what I do.
Guys i get 60k plays per month and still didn't get this invitation
Bro yesterday alone i got 11K Listens i just bought pro thinking i could monetize then yet still cant WTF! do i need 10 trillion views to qaulify?
I have 20k listens since I started, why can't we be paid for doing what we love? Don't promote your scheme if you're not actually enabling it.
I have 10,153 for October, I post up interviews with heavy metal musicians and archives of my college radio show. Still not sure what they are looking for? Beyond the play numbers, are there any other criteria that may be using to pick who they invite? I get the feeling it is something more than just the plays. This feels a little like getting onto itunes, It took me like a year to do that. I wonder if someone at their group just has to say I like said SoundCloud user and you get in, I think it's like that.
same story here. Well over 5k plays a month, but no invite.
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I have 9,472 plays in the last 30 days and half a million since I started. Apparently I don't qualify either. Bit of a fucking joke tbh.
Hi Taylor,
I have also been wondering the same thing as I am a Pro user but it says only eligible people will be able to monetize.

I found some information on Google:
"We’re starting out by inviting creators with 5,000 plays in the past month (from SoundCloud monetized countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand), then scaling over time to as many creators as possible. So we recommend you keep creating and promoting your original content, and engaging with your fans in the process. You’ll receive an email and in-product notification once you’re in".

Hope this is useful :)