I can't see my likes

  • 25 January 2017
  • 4 replies

I have liked over 40+ songs and when i click the likes section it only shows a few of the songs. why is this?

4 replies

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Have you checked some of the tracks you liked but are no longer appear on your list are still available? Liked tracks can disappear if they have been deleted or made private by the uploader. However, it seems strange that 47 out of 51 likes would all go.
I have no way of telling because I cant click them. I got to my likes and only 3 show
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Hi there @PYRO,

Hmm, I can actually only see 4 likes of yours when looking at via my computer web browser. Have you liked your tracks on your phone or on a computer web browser? Maybe you were signed in to a different account at the time to liking?

Really sorry I cannot be of more help. If you can still reproduce this particular issue, please let us know the steps and we can forward this to our engineers.

Im having the exact same problem.
I know I've liked a lot more songs than are showing up in my likes playlist. Really frustrating because when I search for the song individually the heart is illuminated indicating that I've already liked it.