i had 6 likes disappear within one hour on a song with no increase in plays

  • 16 March 2015
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i had 6 likes disappear within one hour on a song with no increase in plays - how is that possible that 6 users decide to unlike without a second listen?

4 replies

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Hi Zundae,

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There could be a variety of reason why likes could disappear.

The most prominent being any likes that may have been generated from fake accounts, set up by people who want to spam on soundcloud. These accounts are removed once spotted & this also removes any likes they have placed (which won't be based on that person actually liking your sound, they will indiscriminately like a whole bunch of random sounds...I'm not sure what this achieves but it happens, if this is the case, the "like" is not genuine so I wouldn't mourn its loss). It could also be someone just deciding they want to remove their like for whatever reason, in which case its each to their own, they may have pressed like by accident or changed their mind, only that user could give their reason for it. Only other reason is if a user decides to close their Soundcloud account in which case the removal of their like does not mean they decided that they don't like your sound anymore, they just simply no longer in the system.

The main point I would make here is not to take it personally. I know that may be difficult, I am more than aware just what a personal thing music production is to an artist, when you see a new like on your sound it's nice to think that someone out there has enjoying listening & when the like count goes down it is hard not to think of that as being a little bit of a slap in the face...but...again...need to bear in mind the sheer number of users on soundcloud and that these days, unfortunately, not every user is all that they seem. I would not be surprised if the likes that have gone from your sound are more likely down to spam accounts than genuine users. But be assured soundcloud is working very hard on ways to spot these fake users as soon as possible to minimise their potential misuse of the platform.

I can see you are a relatively new user to Soundcloud so don't let this put you off, keep doing what you are doing. I hope this clarifies things for you & wish you many years of happy soundclouding :)


Thank you for such a great article. Beautifully written and well-crafted, the users must get some interesting online fans to gain the online likes for their account.
It is a great article guys! I’m glad to read something like this after a long time. The tips and tricks applied in here for having soundcloud likes have really caught me in the high.
Thanks djraveinpeace, I am new to sound cloud but not new to internet marketing. I got a like on each of my 7 tracks. Something didn't seem right as they would come within first few minutes. Some of users are named appropriately, "promo tracks" others are random gibberish like "dfghuxcde44". At the end of the day, they are all fake I have determined. Very similar to false referrals in your google analytics report. Basically the idea is, if someone uses a program to "like" 100000 users on your behalf, 10% of them will research and see who their new found buddy is. In the interim maybe play a song and increase the play count or like back. You can find these promoters on fiverr for instance. Some people are very desperate to be discovered, become famous, then become hooked on drugs, go back to unknown, go broke, and last but not least, die at age 25 in a fiery car crash.