I Keep getting fake views and likes! It is affecting my integrity as an artist!

  • 19 January 2017
  • 3 replies

It seems like someone bought me fake likes and views just to troll me. This is on a song that I have been working on for a year, and I am frustrated, since it now looks like I tried to artificially boost my stats, which is simply not so. Is there any way to remove the fake views and likes?

3 replies

When blocking an account you will also be given the option to remove reposts, likes and comments made by that person on your account.

To stop an account from following, or interacting with you, all you need to do is block them. You will see the option to block an account in the top right of their profile.
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The paid-for fake services usually give a sudden boost of around 300+ plays. Have you had this?
Chris Mai seems to be on every post relating to the sounddcloud views conspiracy. Why would a person have to say they are not a bot or a mod unless they were working for soundcloud and NEEDED to make such a point?