I lost 200 to 300 likes today one song went from 18 to 7 while I was listening to it

  • 7 November 2019
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One song went from 18 to 7 while I was listening to it and fir 2 weeks I could not load playlists

then for 2 weeks I could load but not change order so the oldest stuff was on top then people kept telling me that I was not getting listens when they listened ( Several emails with warnings that you were doing this) and now over 100 comments are gone too. They just made me start paying $16 even though I was not at the time limit. THEN when I started looking around to figure WTF was going on a “Caption came up that said “ You need to upload more music.if you want followers and likes. WTF. I have uploaded about 120 pieces of my original music in the last year and ½ ish. You told me 2 months ago I was writing to much and needed to pay more for which I have been bent over again and again.

You suck on so many fronts

#1 no telephone. - Who in the f does not have a phone # especially when it took 2 weeks for anyone to contact me on anywhere ( Finally I think because I started blasting you I got a “ Fill out a form. Where have you been with my money. making me look like I put my oldest stuff first and now have no likes. A couple of them had almost 4000 listens and 1 or no likes. Really ? There were 18 and 20 yesterday. I would like to go back to what I can keep up for free because you are ripping me off and don’t even care. Youa re taunting me on my page I pay for and have to look at other peoples music on my home page when I follow no one. Jesus, you get worse and worse. To top it off I had surgery yesterday so I could watch all this happen in real time.

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