I'm getting thousands of random plays on my tracks.

  • 31 March 2019
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As the title suggests, I'm getting thousands of random plays on my last two tracks. Some might wonder why this would be a cause for concern but let me elaborate. I'm a rapper/songwriter/engineer and my usual stuff gets around 1-2K views per upload. I upload a track titled "i", 10K views in 2 days, that's insane for my standards, that came with like 600 likes,200 comments and around 125 reposts. I don't think too much of it because 70% of those comments are legit people with followings and music of their own. The problems lies in the random other 30%, it's just random comments like "OMG" "I love this" "Beauty song". I upload another track yesterday, in 36 hours it hits 35K views, 500 reposts, 150 likes and 50 comments. Again, the comments are roughly 50% legit and 50% botted comments. The views don't come in at once, literally throughout the whole day today I've been getting steady views, no spikes of like 1000 random views or stuff like that. I don't have the money nor would I ever use fake plays as it literally does nothing for me. I highly doubt I have a dedicated enough fanbase to spend money on generating fake comments/likes/reposts, I've looked into the prices of this stuff and from what I've gotten, that's like 100-150$ on average, nobody would randomly spend that on an underground rapper. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so, what are you thoughts about it?

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