i'm have a hit account.

  • 13 February 2019
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i'm have a hit account. money? premier partner... sorry... i'm japanese. what's is this have i'm. i'm have copyright. stats top level! oh! question is galante. and premier partner what's invite. i'm can't understand...

6 replies

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From what I understand, you're wondering why you are not eligible for SoundCloud Premier yet. In order to qualify for SoundCloud Premier you must be an independent creator and a Pro or ProUnlimited subscriber.

We’re starting out by inviting creators with 1,000 plays in the past month (monetizable streams come from at least one of these eligible countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand).

SoundCloud Premier Monetization will open up to more and more creators over time so if you don't qualify just yet we recommend you keep creating and promoting your original content, and engaging with your fans in the process. Be mindful that we only count human plays and that bot streams will not be counted towards eligibility. Additionally you cannot have any copyright strikes tied to your account if you want to be eligible for Premier. However existing copyright strikes do expire after a year. You’ll receive an email and in-product notification once you are eligible to join.

In the meantime, please find our here it lists the current requirements, as well as useful tips on how to make the most of the platform for your maximised success.

thank you! i'm wait.
i'm waited. i'm proplan pay. ah... i'm wait.
sorry, i'm wait i'm here.
soundcloud proplan's
Access SoundCloud Premier if eligible
  • Monetize unlimited tracks on SoundCloud
  • Distribute unlimited releases to all major music services
major music services is label? major label? what do me do?