I need you to help me out one time due to a misunderstanding, please hear me out.

  • 16 August 2016
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I got pro unlimited, and paid for it many months as I love this service, now you will notice a direct correlaction between a long hiatus of paying, and me realizing that though you increased my uploadtime infinitely, whenver the subscription ran out for the first time my tracks that were already there before began to dissapear. I feel if i paid for the service they should remain if upoloaded while paying for it. However I know this is far too much to ask being one persons oppinion. However this has really frustrated me, so if you would like me to purchase one year please credit my account for 24 hours of pro unlimited so I can ensure that all my music is in tact, its not much to ask for how dedicated I am to ya'll and would let me know that you feel my concern and realize im not asking for a month just a day to ensure everything will operate normally once i pay to upgrade again.

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2 replies

please allow me the chance to redeem my faith
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Hi Apollo Credence,

Please reach out to our payments team about this directly.