I've had over 1200 false downloads in the past week

  • 13 February 2016
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When I look at the stats for my tracks I've discovered a disproportionate number of "downloads" which aren't really downloads. Here's the latest culprit:

This one targets my track Space Grime Rock Aria.

But there appear to be dozens of these hacks on my account. Can't you do something about it? I don't want false stats on my account, and I'm very concerned how easy it appears to be for people to effectively hack my account with false download stats.

I've also noticed recently a steady flow of "users" with with few if no followers and they like or repost my tracks, some appear to play them but how do I know if they're real or fake, given I'm already being targetted here, probably because I routinely report/block spam accounts.

2 replies

Wow, I've emailed SoundCloud, contacted@SCsupport on Twitter, and posted here. Result? No progress whatsoever. The only contact I've had is@SCsupport advising me to to send the email from which there was NO RESPONSE. What gives? Getting annoyed.
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Hi Dacca,

Here is more information on reporting fake activity for our review, there is also a direct contact button on this article for our Trust and Safety team. It sounds like you may have written in just before the weekend, our office is closed on the weekends. When our community team comes back on Monday we work on answering all emails that came in over the weekend on a first come, first serve basis, same goes for Twitter.

Thanks for your patience,