Incorrect displaying of followers and following count after account recovery

hello everyone (=゚▽゚)/

hi @Mathis

hi @Navid

there is a little problem with my account, which has recently been restored after my ex bf has deleted it...

here's the deal: - ive read a few posts with the same topic and i guess its a well known problem and i hope you can fix this for me - i got 43 followers and i'm proud of my small but fine amount of music lovers and i, for my part follow a looot more people ofc^^ 300 + or so.

the sad part is, its not displayed correctly anymore (after the account recovery). it shows zero when you look at the follower count and 4 at the following count.

is there any chance to fix this? i just miss this common sight!

many thanks in advance.

greetings, corinna

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