Increase in soundcloud plays

  • 5 April 2016
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Recently I released a new project and had a little promotional help from a PR agent I was recommended to online. After my promotional trial was over, Each of my plays within my new project has reached about 17-18k in plays on each track. It made me question the genuiness and validity of each track be that high with only little no likes. I contacted the rep to see what her response was to his, and she assured me that the plays are genuine and her methods were genuine ; using RSS, SEO, and google analytics as well as mass email blast to achieve the plays shown in the list.

I wanted someone from Soundcloud's community, to verify if the plays are in fact genuine and the methods used are legit as well.

Please help me

2 replies

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Hi Jay,

Please reach out to our Trust & Safety team about this.
or is it possible for your spam system to recalibrate my plays to the correct number? that would be helpful