Just joined soundcloud. Likes vanishing?

  • 18 January 2017
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I just posted my album on soundcloud and was thrilled to see some of my songs getting likes right away. 3 of my songs had about 6 likes each. 2 days later I looked and those songs now have 3 likes each. Did those people remove their likes? or is there something wrong?

Best answer by Chris Mai 19 January 2017, 04:02

A track can receive likes without being played.
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5 replies

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If there are more likes than plays it means it was spam-bots catching the latest uploads and instantly liking them. Did you look at any of the profiles of these likers?
you might be right but the likes were less than the plays. I did get a few people offering me likes for money which is pretty sad and typical of humanity
A track can receive likes without being played.
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Hey, Jack. I like/unlike and post/repost all the time. I often adjust song order on my reposts and likes. Sometimes I've decided I don't like a song. I will also unlike songs once I have put them on a playlist.
It appears to me that Soundcloud update their stats in a strange and faulty way in respect of likes. I get likes with email notifications for a track and they accumulated correctly and show on my profile. I always check the person who has liked the track out. When I view the likes they disappear from my notification area (all correct so far). Then, maybe one week later it appears they are re-counted and I always lose likes. Surely, if a track gets a like it should remain in the count not be lost? Some of my tracks may have had 7/8 likes and they have reduced to zero.