Likes on my tracks have vanished

  • 29 March 2019
  • 3 replies

i got 51 likes on my track, it still says 51 likes on my phone but not on my friends phones i only habe 7 out of 51 on their phones my laptop say only 7 likes too. This is really frustrating because this was good for my career and now i have barley anything to show for it

3 replies

please help!
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Hi there BLAZ,

Sorry to hear that. 😕 If the likes are no longer showing, then either the user have removed the like again, of the user(s) were removed due to being spam / fake accounts. I understand that this is extremely frustrating. Our Trust & Safety team continues to fight the "Spam" battle, however it is a continuous thing. If you come across accounts that seem to be spammy or fake, please see here to learn how to report them and help the Trust & Safety team find patterns to detect them quickly and prevent them from being created in the first place.
So why is it that the total amount of plays remains the same, while the amount of likes changes?