Losing plays on numerous tracks!

  • 4 June 2018
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I'm looking for an official answer from Soundcloud.

Something went totally wrong yesterday, Sunday 3rd of July.

I have commented three other threads with the same subject (losing plays), so I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. But no one from Soundcloud has commented. Would you please? Are you aware there is a problem?

I make a podcast, and the download routine for my listeners is very much the same every week.
Normally my upload from last week would be at least 6.700 by now. It's at 6.100.
My upload from May 11th was at 9.158 Sunday. Now it's at 8.907.
My upload from May 4th was at 9.170 Sunday. Now it's at 9.093.

These are just examples. Numerous other tracks has lost plays and/or not getting any plays.

1st. Please answer and tell me what the problem is.
2nd. Please fix it. It's not a joke. I pay you for the service. And I make money throgh sponsorships calculated on the number of plays.

Best, Thomas

3 replies

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No reply from Soundcloud. In any of the threads where people complain about losing plays. Wow. Incredible.
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Hey Borgen,

Thanks for posting on the Community. I've updated other topics of the same nature accordingly, and I’ll try and clarify what’s going on here, too. Our stats system has a real time system, and then a monthly batch system. This is to ensure all counts are correctly recorded and are as accurate as possible. The monthly batch system is implemented at the end of every month, which irons out any inconsistencies that you have seen between different stats views or counts.

Please note that for a few days (usually around the end/beginning of every month), there can be a difference in numbers between play counts under your tracks and what is shown in your Stats or you might simply notice a slight drop in numbers too. If it’s useful, you can consider the count from your Stats to be the most accurate. However, the play counts should align across the platform a few days into each month.

It might help to clear your browser/app’s cache if you wish to refresh your play counts.

I hope that explains the drop you may have seen, sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

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Hey Mathis,

thanks for your answer. I have never experienced this before. Some tracks dropped nearly 300 plays,while nothing happened to other tracks that kept on "counting normally". I update the plays of all my tracks in a spreadsheet every day.

Best, Thomas