Loss of plays.

  • 12 March 2018
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Hi guys , i've had that rare but annoying error of a large loss of plays.

On my breakin' science mix ...

Its dropped from 800+ to 130 + this is rather annoying as a pro subscriber i feel its an issue i'd liked sorted soon as soundcloud is an important part of my brand awareness which i'm happy to pay for.

All of these plays are genuine ( no bot nonsense) i regularly track my progress it seems a nice climb of following from german listeners helped grow it nearly double from a few months ago.
However when the error occured last week it knocked my momentum as new potential listeners saw a massively reduced total which could of made them not engage.

Weirdly the full amount of plays is only shown on one section of the pulse app
( plays in the last 30 days )

Can this be reviewed please.

A die hard soundcloud user


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