Making sense of Soundcloud Pro stats

  • 8 February 2018
  • 2 replies

At the top, there is a figure displayed for # of plays, likes, shares, comments and downloads

At the bottom, there are sections for website, RSS apps, 3rd party apps

1. Does the top # (say # of plays) include the website, RSS, and 3rd party apps? In other words, if I back out those numbers, I should get the # of plays for strictly Soundcloud?

2. Are RSS apps (e.g., iOS podcast) and RSS feed (under third party apps) the same, or different?

3. Under RSS apps, I see AppleCoreMedia, iTunes, and iOS podcasts -- are these all mutually exclusive? In other words, the total of all 3 should equal the # of plays from Apple?


2 replies

just one RSS per account
Can you clarify? Not sure which question that pertains to. I understand that each account has 1 RSS feed, but I'm not connecting the dots to the stats displayed in Soundcloud Pro stats. Thanks!