Missing Real Followers

Hello All,

Though I've got few followers (or rather 'cause I've got'), I confer a great importance to their presence. But today my Soundcloud account has fallen from 18 to 7 followers.

Maybe there was some spam among them, but I trully know that some of them are real followers, and the best of all, cause they've shared almost the entirity of my publications (and it may be the reason why they've looked like spam...).

So here my question : What can I do to make Soundcloud team understand that and recover my followers ?

If someone could help I'll be really thankful... 😉

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Mine has gone from 924 down to 907 yesterday.........

Pretty gutted as Ive put a lot of work in this month 😞
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Mines also gone down about 10 in one go! Every day theres a new issue:)