My Follower Count is Showing up Wrong - What Can I Do?

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Hi, same issue here in my Followings count please check

Hi there,
Same issue here in Following count

Hope to get this fixed soon :)

Regards from Tehran,
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My account says that I am following 18 people when I am only following 2?

Please could an update be made.

Kindest regards,

Account says I am following 4 when I am following 0.

If I could get it reset that would be great.


I’m fallowing 0 people and it says I am fallowing 2 can you please fix this.
My follower count is showing 14 when I'm only following 6-7 people. fix this.
I also have the from following count on my profile
being displayed. It says I follow about 150 people when in reality I only follow 4 people.
@Mathis hey so I’m fallowing 10 people and it’s saying I’m fallowing 12. If you can please fix this as soon as possible that would be wonderful. Thank you!!
Hello my soundcloud is and my follower count is also wrong. Could you reset? Thank you 🙂. I only follow 2 people when it says 4
Please help I follow 4 but it’s saying I follow 10!!
Same issue in following count:
So basically it shows that i'm following 5 people but im only following one person please change this if you can ASAP ?!
I'm following no one, it's displaying 3 on my page :
Thanks for the help!
Soundcloud rep or whatever. it shows i’m following 16 people when i’m not even following 10 people. can you guys fix this because i’ve messaged you already about it

My follower count is incorrect. It says I follow 7 people when I actually only follow 2.

Furthermore my comments should be 2, and it says I have 5.

Can you please correct this?

My account is:


Could you fix my account, it says I follow 9 people but actually don't..
Account name: vitowillems
Hey It says i'm following 10 when i'm actually following 8 can i have this fixed? Thanks in advance
Hi, I'm having issues with my following count, can you update it please.
Following count shows 3 when it's 0.
same problem for me,

Many thanks!
Same problem. im following 0 but still shows 2 plz help fix
Hi, I am following 5 people but it says I am following 7 people.

Hope you guys can help me out with this, thank you.
Hey, my follower account is wrong. It still hasnt been changed. Im not following anyone but it says im following 2. My soundcloud is osfromheaven
I'm experiencing this problem also. It says I'm following 7 people but I'm only following five people. Looking forward to the fix, thanks!
I am also experiencing this issue.Thank you.