My number of followers is wrong!

  • 30 November 2016
  • 3 replies


I can see I'm getting new followers (at least ten today) but my number of followers didn't change!

This is extremely problematic.
Can a moderator fix that problem please?

3 replies

And please don't tell me "well it's because you have people unfollowing at the same time".

This is not the right answer. I got a dozen of new followers in 30 minutes, and then number didn't change at all.

Plus when the page is displaying I can see "4074" appearing and then suddenly changing to "4070". Also it went "4075" for a couple of minutes then "4070" again.

There is clearly a problem with my account. If someone could check the database so that I could get the true numbers it would be great. Thanks!
One last example:
I just asked friends to follow and unfollow me.

I had 4070 followers.
4 unfollowed me.
The number remained 4070!

And I'm pretty sure my number is way bigger than 4070.

I earned a bunch of new followers during the night.

Still 4070.