My number of followers is wrong!

  • 30 November 2016
  • 3 replies


I can see I'm getting new followers (at least ten today) but my number of followers didn't change!

This is extremely problematic.
Can a moderator fix that problem please?

3 replies


I earned a bunch of new followers during the night.

Still 4070.
One last example:
I just asked friends to follow and unfollow me.

I had 4070 followers.
4 unfollowed me.
The number remained 4070!

And I'm pretty sure my number is way bigger than 4070.
And please don't tell me "well it's because you have people unfollowing at the same time".

This is not the right answer. I got a dozen of new followers in 30 minutes, and then number didn't change at all.

Plus when the page is displaying I can see "4074" appearing and then suddenly changing to "4070". Also it went "4075" for a couple of minutes then "4070" again.

There is clearly a problem with my account. If someone could check the database so that I could get the true numbers it would be great. Thanks!