My plays are being recorded as comments

  • 2 January 2018
  • 1 reply

Yesterday I posted a track, and up until this morning it was showing me that my track was being reposted and liked but would not show me any plays, however it was showing me that the comments were increasing at a ridiculous rate despite having only 1 actual comment. As of today, it is now counting new plays, but it has not reverted the falsely recorded comments back into plays. Right now my track shows that I have 74 plays, and 1,464 comments. Is this something that will be resolved? I want my plays to actually go towards my song and be seen, not be recorded as comments that don't exist

1 reply

This is getting ridiculous, the amount of views have now gone up to 102 and the comments are down to 261? Am I not going to have the 1,500 views i received as comments yesterday due to the glitch restored to me?