My plays are frozen at 2 plays

  • 15 April 2019
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since two days my counter is frozen at 2 plays. What can i do???
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5 replies


The same for me. I showed some of my pieces to my friends, they played music just in front of me from their mobile phones, but nothing changed in statistics. This works this way last two days.
Now it works again, don't now why??? 😎
I've lost a few plays during the weekends and one or two during the monday. I do not know the reason of this. But lucky for you 🙂
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Hi there,

Apologies about the troubles. This issue was caused by a bug on SoundCloud's end. It is now solved and play counts are backfilling slowly.
Not only did the issue take too long to resolve, support took WAY too long to answer the initial request in spite of numerous requests and social media posts. The perception is that SoundCloud doesn't and didn't care. Not only that, but SoundCloud has yet to put out a statement of what went wrong, what was affected, or how the issue is resolved. It's fine if you feel you don't owe your users that pay money monthly or annually an explanation. Just don't expect us to continue to use, promote, or rely on a platform that does very little to address and resolve issues in a timely or transparent manner.

This incident exposed gaping holes you have in your support, it's policies, and methodologies. I can't even provide this feedback to your organization outside of this manner. I have zero confidence in your feedback questionnaire which does nothing when you hit Update, which confirms you really don't care about this feedback.

Your support request form is absolutely abysmal and should never be used by any one charging users for their service. You need a way to submit ANY request of any type. I had to choose BILLING for this outage. You tell me how much sense that makes because you haven't given an option for - "YOUR PLATFORM IS BROKEN." AND, I can't imagine how slowly you would respond to single user request for anything considering this massive platform-wide issue took nearly a week to address and STILL hasn't been properly addressed or explained to its users - PAYING USERS.

My organization is using this incident to take a hard look at future releases and whether your platform can remain viable or at the very least transparent. So far, SoundCloud and SoundCloud Support gets an F for support on this incident.

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