My plays arent working

  • 2 January 2018
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Yeah I'm going through the same thing here with a track I just uploaded. I'm just gonna put it as private for now so that the play count doesn't get messed up or anything
same exact thing is happening to me, i posted a song, and its at 0 views, but has 10 likes and 4 reposts
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Soundcloud Status :

DOWNTIME - Multiple systems may be affected - RECOVERING
02/01/18 - 12:00 PM CET ENGLISH: We are still recovering from last night’s outage. Stats may not be displayed accurately right now.
anyone know if it will update the plays that arent showing? it shows my likes and reposts tho. they said it was because of the power outage on new years. i tried posting a different song to see if it read the plays and it did so i guess the problem is semi-fixed. but i want to know if the song i posted during the outage will update or not. i might have to post the song again to show my plays...
i have the same problem. i get a lots of likes and reposts, but plays today = 0 ???? WTF?
Same here
hello, same problem since yesterday : no increase on play count (
same here
I thought I was the only one this shit is terrible and I even uploaded another track just to check and it didnt work im fucking upset soundcloud needs to fix this right now!!!
Same issue 0 plays since new day started..... ever since everything crashed yesterday.... wtf
Same here! Our plays are stuck at zero for our latest post. We've searched the help community for answers but the developers aren't helping. we've signed out and checked too and its still not updating the plays
Same here. My question is if all these plays would be added after fixing the problem or I 'll have to promote from scratch?!
Breeehhhhh . i thought i was the only one. Soundcloud fix this cause i just dropped some HEAT.
Same here, my play are stuck at 83 and none of our other songs are getting plays either but we've gained over 100 followers and tons of likes and reposts in the past day. Would really like for this to be fixed as this appears to be a bad reflection on our page.
i am so glad that i am not the only one with this problem, i though it was just my account. very confused what is happening?
hello, I have a problem the play do not appear.....

apperently they had a power outage and it messed some stuff up, seems like they are still recovering. we will have to wait and see what happens
I’m having the same problem. The likes and reposts are increasing. But not the play count.
Many thx Skull Demon.

Check please ( Fast ) :
They should give us some information though...
I'm having the same issue, I just posted a track a few days ago on my other account ( and since New Year's Day it stopped at 2,600 plays but I'm still getting likes and reposts. The same thing happened to the rest of my tracks too. I've been getting pretty good exposure on this track (I can tell from the likes and reposts) so I hope the plays don't go uncounted!
I'm having the same problem!!!??? My plays stopped after 70 but when people say that they have played the song it doesn't show up!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Dude someone from SoundCloud needs to post on this fuckin ASAP this is bogus. Do they realize that this constitutes a lot of peoples' livelihoods?? How long can they keep us in the dark about this its almost been 24 hours!
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It seems to be updating now... however, I think we lost the previous plays 😞 I hope I'm wrong :|
i hope you re wrong too
Same problem: no counting of the plays 😞