My plays arent working

  • 2 January 2018
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anyone know if it will update the plays that arent showing? it shows my likes and reposts tho. they said it was because of the power outage on new years. i tried posting a different song to see if it read the plays and it did so i guess the problem is semi-fixed. but i want to know if the song i posted during the outage will update or not. i might have to post the song again to show my plays... PROBLEM FIXED, IT DID UPDATE AND SHOW MY PLAYS
Yeah my track titled "Why? (STUDIO RECORDED)" was completely dry on plays the first three hours of it being up, but I still got likes and reposts. The plays started showing after a while but I am sure that the plays from the first hours of it being up are not included.
im having the exact same issue man, on this new track posted yesterday

it got to 109 plays but then the plays froze, but ive been getting followers, likes and reposts. and ive posted this song on message boards and ive gotten feedback, so they musta hit play? lol

somebody please help.

NOTE: i tried logging off my account to see if playing the track would increase the view count, but it doesn't.

Yep, I came here for the same question. I don't even see how many plays I've had, be it overall plays, or in the last 24 hours like I used to see. I wonder if this is somehow saving Soundcloud some money, I've heard they aren't doing so well financially.
same here!
As of today, my count is back and accurate. I just read that they've cut the sample rate from 128k to 64k. ;/
Here, with my account it`s the same.
I already wrote a remark but it`s continuously not increasing
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Hi everyone,

Apologies about the lack of replying earlier to this one. Just to close this off, this issue should now be fixed for all of you.

Thanks for hanging in there.

same problem here, is it already solved?
sorry i didnt read the reply of Mathis, ok, thanks so much! 😳
I switched from an older Chromebook to a newer one and I cannot receive any sound or playback from 'Soundcloud' when reading "My Plans" - the devotional or otherwise. I do have sound for other applications I use on my Chromebook. Cache has been cleared, now twice and that does not rectify the issue.

Can you suggest other steps to take to enable sound?
Thanks in advance.

This also is happening to me
Same here. This has been going on for some months now.