My plays arent working

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My songs are getting reposted and increasing in likes but it hasnt moved off the plays its at i even whent on another account of my mine played it then refreshed and it still wont go up i need help!!!!

Best answer by Mathis 10 January 2018, 15:31

Hi everyone,

Apologies about the lack of replying earlier to this one. Just to close this off, this issue should now be fixed for all of you.

Thanks for hanging in there.

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I am having the same problem! Someone help!
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im having the exact same issue man, on this new track posted yesterday

it got to 109 plays but then the plays froze, but ive been getting followers, likes and reposts. and ive posted this song on message boards and ive gotten feedback, so they musta hit play? lol

somebody please help.

NOTE: i tried logging off my account to see if playing the track would increase the view count, but it doesn't.
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I’m having the same problem. The likes and reposts are increasing. But not the play count. I think it’s a glitch in the system because just earlier today all my tracks disappeared. And when I checked everyone else’s page was the same way. I think they’re updating the system or something idk but it’s annoying
Are anyone's plays out there working?
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It seems all the plays are gone i have 61 likes and like 40 plays super frustrating just gonna have to take the L guys
however we could all post our songs here and promote each other give each other a repost and a play to give each other a boost
anyone who comments after me im willing to give your a repost and a like
Same problem I posted a song and it has 11 likes in like 30 mins but no plays please help
I have the very same problem! i just uploaded a track and have 0 plays but likes, reposts, and comments are shown. PLEASE HELP
Same shit happening with me I'm scared it's not gonna update and stay so low in views
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I just posted a song around 1 PM PST today and it's been stuck at 2 plays all day... It has about 7 likes and has been getting obvious engagement beyond 2 plays. Can someone confirm this is because of the power outage at SoundCloud's server? Regardless of the cause will the actual number of plays catch up when this issue is fixed? Im worried about the plays not catching up either. Thats pretty much my main concern at this point. SoundCloud hasn't updated the Blog in hours though so hopefully we'll get some news soon. This is fucking lame. Happens at least twice a year.
Experiencing the same thing here. Plays frozen all across the account, but likes, reposts, and comments are still being counted. Glad to know it's not just me though.
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Soundcloud Status :

DOWNTIME - Multiple systems may be affected - RECOVERING
02/01/18 - 12:00 PM CET ENGLISH: We are still recovering from last night’s outage. Stats may not be displayed accurately right now.
anyone know if it will update the plays that arent showing? it shows my likes and reposts tho. they said it was because of the power outage on new years. i tried posting a different song to see if it read the plays and it did so i guess the problem is semi-fixed. but i want to know if the song i posted during the outage will update or not. i might have to post the song again to show my plays...
Does anybody know if soundcloud is somehow reimbursing plays or are they just juxing everyone
Same here. Get your s*** together, SoundCloud 😕
Same problem since at least 6 pm eastern.
Same here
I am an amateur music producer. Me and a couple of buds just released a track on an a joint account last night. However, the listens count has been stuck at 352 since this afternoon even though I am positive that other people have been listening to it. I have listened to it on my personal soundcloud account and it still continues to stay at 352 no matter what. Is this something that could be fixed? Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this problem?
🆒🆒🆒 Abella Mayfair
same exact thing is happening to me, i posted a song, and its at 0 views, but has 10 likes and 4 reposts
Same issue 0 plays since new day started..... ever since everything crashed yesterday.... wtf
Same here. My question is if all these plays would be added after fixing the problem or I 'll have to promote from scratch?!
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It seems to be updating now... however, I think we lost the previous plays 😞 I hope I'm wrong :|
I'm experiencing the same thing! Very disappointing. I hope Soundcloud can fix this soon! I dropped an EP last night and I can only see likes and reposts visible but the plays remain on 0....