My Premier Partership has been reset twice now on the days I am supposed to get paid. What is going on?

  • 27 June 2019
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This is the second time this year that I log in to Soundcloud on the day I am supposed to receive payment for my Premier Partnership and notice on my drop down menu and on my feed are ads for me to join Premier. Both of these occurrences happened on the day I was supposed to get paid. As of now I was supposed to be paid yesterday and have not seen it yet. What makes this even more frustrating than not getting paid for my streams is the fact that when I rejoin Premier I have to go through every single upload of mine and pick all of the territories streams to go to Soundcloud Premier and not Repost Network. It is ridiculous that this isn't an automated process for one of the two options at the very least, instead it is a very time consuming process. Has this been happening to anybody else? Would love an answer from Soundcloud on this issue in particular because there is a lack of contact information for issues involving the transaction of money to it's creators.

3 replies


SoundCloud Premier monetizations keeps making me join and sign the agreement.

I've signed many times and it keeps resetting everyday.

When I upload a track, it makes me join premier monetization again when I'm sure that I already joined a while ago.

Please help,
It keeps making me rejoin monetization everyday.

sorry for my english
UPDATE: received payment today but it is still requiring me to rejoin Premier for the third time. Not even sure if it's worth it since there is a complete lack of support. Will likely just monetize my Soundcloud through a distributor from now on.
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Hi leet,

Apologies about the inconvenience. I've checked in with the relevant team on our end and it looks like there is an issue with this at the moment - some users are repeatedly asked to rejoin the program.

If this issue continues for you, please reach out here to make sure someone will follow up with your properly via email.