My track has about 120 plays, but 90 downloads... How is that possible?

  • 24 February 2016
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This is my track with the problem:

From the past few months, I've observed, that my track linked above has impossible amount of DLs compared to amount of plays. Now it shows more than 120 plays and has unusual number of DLs - 90. I'm sure it has much less downloads than it shows. I don't know, what's going on. Any idea, what caused that high amount of downloads?

Thank you in advance. :)

Outer Mind

2 replies

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Hi Outer Mind,

Thanks for reaching out. Hmm, I've looked into this for you and it looks like a lot of downloads were coming from I've forwarded the site to our Trust & Safety team for review, but this seems to be explaining where those downloads are coming from.

Oh... At first I thought someone "hacked" my download count. Thank you for the answer, anyways. 🙂