My View Count Is Not Updating

  • 2 January 2018
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Hi Guys,

For some odd reason my view count is not updating for this one song i just posted. The Likes are visible but the plays are not and on a mobile device it says the view count is zero. Please help,

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3 replies

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im having the exact same issue on this new track i posted yesterday

it got to 109 plays but then the plays froze, but ive been getting followers, likes and reposts. and ive posted this song on message boards and ive gotten feedback, so they musta hit play? lol

somebody please help.

NOTE: i tried logging off my account to see if playing the track would increase the view count, but it doesn't.
Same thing is happening with me right now. Ever since today, zero plays.
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Hi there,

In order to close the look on this - this issue was caused by a temporary outage, which was solved on the same day. Sorry about the troubles.