My views on a song aren't posting

  • 28 April 2017
  • 5 replies

Ive listened to a track on repeat, and the views of the song were going up... today when I went back to the song it went back to the original views it had before I listened to it over and over. Why aren't the correct views posting?

5 replies

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If a track is on repeat it only counts as a single play when stats are properly logged. It stops people falsely pushing up play counts, especially for monetized tracks.
I'm confused as to why soundcloud can speculate, because I didn't listen to this artist to falsely accumulate views. I listened to the track on repeat because I liked the song. It doesn't seem fair to the artist.
I'm having a similar issue with a track that I posted. It is not showing a single stat (not even listened to). I listened to it myself of course and it is not showing that either.
This is the track :
same problem, my track doesn't show views or likes. I've uploaded the track once more and the new upload still have the same issue regarding not showing the views or likes. 😞
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Hi there,

I can see your track stats just fine. As S L I G H T has already pointed out, self plays are not counted.