new followers that havent played tracks

  • 11 July 2017
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How is it that I get followers without plays? What are the new followers following?Please explain.Followers are pointless if they're not playing tracks!!Its very fustrating to see you have two of three new followers and zero plays.Please make a rule that in order to follow someone ,you have to listen to a certain percent of their tracks first.And also let the user repost their own tracks.Posting new tracks is also pointless if ppl havent heard the older stuff.Its not fair to the audience or artist.Someone might like an older track vs the new track,so that makes the artist lose out!!For instance i have 18 tracks and I should be able to repost any one of them so that I reach more ppl.Some just following is pointless.That means you have to upload new music in order for them to play and thats stupid if you already have lots of prexisting tracks already.please respond.

2 replies

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Hi there,

I understand you're frustration over this. The scenario you're explaining can have different reasons. One of them is to gain followers for themselves, hoping whoever they follow will follow them back. It is something our trust & safety team is currently looking into. Another reason, however, can be that a user wants to easily come back to a specific user at a later stage - similar to liking tracks without listening to them right away to then head over to the likes when at home (for instance) and listen to them then. They won't have to find the specific profile again, but can just go into their followings and go from there.

I'll be sure to forward your feedback to the relevant product team on our end.

Replying to this because I have the same issue. I just opened an account and uploaded my first music a few days ago. I've got five followers now and no plays. I can't imagine why they might want to listen to my music later as they could have no idea what it sounds like since they're my very first uploads. I'm leaning toward your first scenario as to what's probably going on.