New track not counting listens...

  • 2 January 2018
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Hi there

I have never had this problem before but when I uploaded my recent Podcast episode (I had trouble uploading it to begin with, for some reason the first time it froze in the middle of uploading and I had to upload it again) and it is still at 0 listens. I know it can't be true because I listened on iTunes, my wife told me she listened this morning and a few people reached out saying they listened so that is a confirmed 7 right there. None of my other tracts have received any listens since this issue began either, not sure if that is legit or not.

I tried the "refresh the cache" that SoundCloud advises by going into Edit Track and saving with no changes.

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5 replies

soundcloud had electrical power, it's not working for me for 12 hours.
I had the same exact issue. SoundCloud please fix this. I tried saving the track and tried logging into another account and nothing seems to work.
Ah okay.

I'm assuming listens that have been accumulated during this downtime will not be recovered, correct?
I do not know, I paid repostas. 😞