New User Issues-plz help!

  • 12 April 2019
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I just signed up to this site to upload my music but I have no idea how to really use this site and I'm having a coupld of issues:

1) I'm able to upload a banner image but nothing happens when I try uploading a profile image, even smaller than 1MB so size isn't the issue, I get no error message, it just doesn't upload!

2) I also can't upload any images for my tracks-same as the profile image.

3) in the Statistics sections it says my Top Listener is 'X' (just this 1 user)...does this actually mean this user found my profile and listened to my tracks or is this just a recommended user based on IP address/GPS location? I'm just wondering because I've had my profile up for less than 24 hours, told nobody and not publicised it anywhere & I know this user personally, he's my best friend who isn't talking to me, so I'm very bewildered as to how he found my profile, I'm not even using my real name on it!
Please shed light!

4) Isn't there an actual Contact soundcloud directly to get these questions answered, instead of using the forum?

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