No plays for 2nd Jan 2018(?!)

same exact thing is happening to me

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Same here 😞
Soundcloud doesn't appear to be counting my plays as of today. I've logged out and played one of my tracks only to log back in again and find it on the same number of plays as before. What's happening and why?
Im having the same issue
Hi, I have the same problem, no auditions and downloads.
My SoundCloud:

solve this problem!

Exact same thing is happening to me. I've got lots of plays I know for sure on a new song, and it registers no plays, but does register likes.
the same is happening for me, and now it shows i have had 150 plays in 6 hrs when I know for a fact there should be more there, just wondering whether it will register the missing plays ?
I have the exact same problem. SoundCloud are you going to fix this?
Im also having this issue been dealing with it for 3 days its getting ridiculous
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Hi there,

Just to close the loop on this, there was an outage that caused for all of our systems to go down around the time of your reports, All data has been backfilled, so your stats are all up to date now. Sorry for the late reply on this one.