No statistics of my Spotify podcast streams are shown in Soundcloud

  • 4 April 2019
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I have decided to start a Podcast (in Dutch) and I'm using Soundcloud as a host for the RSS-feed. I used the RRS-feed to send my podcast to iTunes (still under review) and Spotify (accepted). But in the statistics I couldn't see the plays for Spotify. I tried multiple times (on different accounts on Spotify) to listen to one of my episodes, but it didn't add up to the plays in the Soundcloud statistics (I know they are not separated from the plays of Soundcloud). Is there anything wrong or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advantage for the help!

Editor of the Podcast 'Vader en Zoon'

2 replies

Hi there, I have the same impression. It seems to me that my play count in Spotify is not included in the Soundcloud stats where I host my podcast. However, I've not done extensive testing if that is true. Would definitely appreciate Soundcloud answering this question or addressing this topic.
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Hey there,

They actually are slightly different from the stats you receive from SoundCloud directly. This article on our Help Center outlines how stats for podcasts are working:

Hope this helps!