Odd stats?

  • 20 August 2018
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I posted a new track recently and have been seeing some odd looking stats against it and wondered if anyone could shed some light onto what I am seeing?

(1) People are liking my tracks with no corresponding plays - presume this is self promotion by these people with no interest in my music but wanted to check?

(2) I got a load of plays that say they are from Amsterdam, but the people stats show accounts from all over the world - how can that be?

7 replies

I've had the same thing - a sudden uptake in plays from Netherlands, yet doesn't match individuals. I feel the count is inaccurate...also seems unlikely that Church group listeners would be listening to house music???
Got to be more that a coincidence as there are a couple of church group listeners to my stuff too

Not sure if it is some new dodgy service auto playing tracks from Amsterdam on behalf of others in the hope that you will then look at who has played yous content - if so pretty grim as I put stuff on here to share with others that might be interested in it rather than a load of fakes
For sure. I went on to my profile without logging in and played a few of my tracks and since then the plays have calmed down. Also changed my password.

Also SoundCloud staff actually ever answer these things?!?!
First time I've posted , but starting to wonder the same thing ???

Hello Soundcloud?
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The Amsterdam plays are from a fake-activity seller discussed in this thread too.
I don't know how the original poster there managed to trace their plays to this source. Also I don't know if the "players" we are seeing in stats are bots that have been given a bit more detailed info to look more real, or they are real profiles that have given the scammers access to their accounts. Possibly they are hacked accounts.
I've got plays from two churches, both with pro accounts but less than 30 followers each, and a lot of those followers were Ramen Records bots. Also neither were following anyone and both seemed to have daily uploads.
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Hi Anna and Audioglow,

Sorry to hear you seem to have been affected by fake activity on SoundCloud. Please see here for more information abound this topic:

Blocking and reporting specific users will help our Trust & Safety systems and team become better at identifying and preventing these. If you have further questions on the matter, please reach out to the team directly. They don't moderate on the community due to its public nature and because many topics require account specific collection of data.

I don't know how the original poster there managed to trace their plays to this source.

FYI I noticed that I had a number of plays from a load of different accounts that state they are from different parts of the world, but on the city and country stats they were all from Amsterdam in the Netherlands - so immediately looked suspicious to me