Play Count Dropping?

I just now today noticed on one of my songs my play count went from 810 to 802, and I'll admit I was pretty tired today so I thought that maybe I read it wrong the first time while also keeping it in the back of my mind. Then just now I checked back on one of my songs that had 40.3k plays and the other one was at 27.2k, but now it's at 40.1k and the other is at 27.1k. What is going on? I check my stats well over 20 times a day using the Pulse app, and not once in the last 6 or maybe 8 months I've been on here has this kind of thing happened. Anyone know whats going on? If not the artists, then maybe someone from SoundCloud can either shed some light or fix this problem?

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Same problem here. Lots of tracks are dropping in plays. Get it fixed, Soundcloud. Paying for the service.
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Hey everyone,

Thanks for posting, I’ll try and clarify what’s going on. Our stats system has a real time system, and then a monthly batch system. This is to ensure all counts are correctly recorded and are as accurate as possible. The monthly batch system is implemented at the end of every month, which irons out any inconsistencies that you have seen between different stats views or counts.

Please note that for a few days (usually around the end/beginning of every month), there can be a difference in numbers between play counts under your tracks and what is shown in your Stats or you might simply notice a slight drop in numbers too. If it’s useful, you can consider the count from your Stats to be the most accurate. However, the play counts should align across the platform a few days into each month.

It might help to clear your browser/app’s cache if you wish to refresh your play counts.

I hope that explains the drop you may have seen, sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.