Play counts from SoundCould API not counting?

  • 16 July 2015
  • 2 replies

The number of plays used to increase by the number of people in a Community on (e.g. if 20 people were in the room when the song played that counted as 20 plays). Has anything changed with the SC API that would prevent that from happening now?

2 replies

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your questions about using SoundCloud’s API. We currently don't have a dedicated API support team. Our customer support team are focused on providing account-related support and I am afraid we do not have the necessary skills to handle enquiries about SoundCloud’s API.

That being said, I would recommend looking through SoundCloud’s stackoverflow page (, and reviewing our developer website ( These are the support resources we have in place for app developers.

If after following the suggestions above you are still seeking support on using SoundCloud’s API please get back in touch with a link to a Stackoverflow post about your question and we can follow up with a member of our engineering team and ask them to respond to you there.

Hi Mathis! We couldn't find anything at the links you provided regarding play counts. Basically, when a SoundCloud song is played through the API on our site the original SC song used to count everyone in the room but now it doesn't. Any other tips?